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Premium Lens Options

Prior to undergoing cataract surgery, you will be given several choices for lens implant options. Our doctors at Morristown Ophthalmology Associates, P.A. will make a lens suggestion based on your specific visual needs. Each of the advanced lens implant options have unique attributes that may or may not be beneficial. The Multifocal IOL lens implants are also commonly called premium lens implants.

Below are some of the advanced lens options that are available at Morristown Ophthalmology Associates, P.A.


AcrySof ReSTOR® Lens is a premium artificial lens that can offer a full range of vision without complete dependence on glasses or contact lenses. The FDA clinical studies identified that 80% of patients receiving the ReSTOR® Lens no longer require glasses for any activity. This revolutionary lens gives patients the option that do not like the concept of monovision and would like to have a chance of eliminating glasses.

The AcrySof ReSTOR® lens is a foldable IOL and it represents a breakthrough in technology because of its unique, patented optic design. This design allows patients to experience the highest level of freedom from glasses that has ever been achieved in IOL clinical trials.

The ReSTOR® IOL uses a combination of three complementary technologies:

  • Apodization – Alcon has patented the application of apodization technology to an IOL, making the AcrySof ReSTOR® lens the first and only apodized diffractive IOL.
  • Diffraction
  • Refraction

The combined technologies allow patients to experience a full range of high-quality vision without the need for reading glasses or bifocals. This range of vision without glasses is achieved through the optical properties of the IOL and patients’ benefit is spectacle freedom. There is an additional cost for this lens implant, and at Morristown Ophthalmology Associates, P.A., we strive to make the AcrySof ReSTOR® lens affordable for our patients by offering payment options.

The FDA clinical trials reported the following results for the AcrySof ReSTOR® lens:

  • 80% of patients reported that after lens implant surgery with ReSTOR® lenses, they no longer needed glasses or contact lenses to see clearly at all distances.
  • 94% said they could drive and read the paper without contacts or glasses.
  • Nearly 94% were so satisfied that they would have the procedure again.

Symfony IOL

The Symfony® IOL was the first IOL created specifically for people living with presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition that causes blurry near vision, and is extremely common in people over the age of 40. If you have been living with the frustrating symptoms of presbyopia, the Symfony® IOL is for you!

Many of our cataract surgery patients here at Morristown Ophthalmology have experienced amazing results after cataract surgery with the Symfony® IOL. The Symfony® IOL allows a unique opportunity to correct cataracts and presbyopia during the same procedure! This results in clear vision with reduced dependence on reading glasses.

The Symfony® IOL offers several advantages over other IOLs. Because this lens is designed to provide one elongated focal point opposed to two focal points, there is a seamless transition between faraway distances and closeby objects, even from bright areas to dark areas. This lens allows patients to successfully reduce their need for reading glasses, resulting in more freedom and comfort.


If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, the Acrysof Toric lens is specifically designed for patients who have a significant case. In the past, cataract surgery removed the cataract, but a patient with high astigmatism still required glasses for near and distance vision. The design of the Acrysof Toric lens makes it possible to reduce or eliminate astigmatism and significantly improve uncorrected distance vision. Patients who have received the Toric lens report that they enjoy distance and intermediate vision with little dependence on a magnifying reading glass. There is an additional cost for this lens implant. Again, Morristown Ophthalmology Associates, P.A. strives to make the Acrysof Toric lens affordable for our patients by offering payment options here in our office. As an alternative to a lens implant to correct astigmatism, your doctor may recommend precisely placed accurate corneal incisions. These incisions can be made manually with a blade or using an image-guided femtosecond laser like the CATALYS®.



Testimonials from Toric Clients

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